VOLUNTARY POSTS - Maybe you would like to help with  serving the cafe or preparing food; maybe you would love to support young mums and their children at Pushchair People, or   invest time with young people, maybe your passions are craft or action games. There are opportunities for everyone at St Christopher's Trust, and the current volunteers are from a variety of backgrounds. Make yourself known to Anne and let's get to know each other and see where your gifts and passions can best be used for the benefit of our community. St Christopher's Trust have a full Volunteer Policy to ensure you are well respected in your role.

If you would like to support in any way, do make contact with us - admin@stchristophersadmaston.org


We are looking to expand our number of trustees and would like you to please 

consider prayerfully if you would be willing to be involved in this local Christian Trust.

For more information please click HERE and for an application form please click HERE